"I am pleasantly surprised how quickly I see the benefits of Yoga! My motivation to join your class was to increase flexibility through stretching, and I have accomplished that as well as improving my strength, balance and coordination. This practice has decreased the tension in my body, which I realized when a recent massage was a completely different experience, relaxing and stress free! I look forward to continuing this new discipline in my life and enjoying all the benefits!"

- Barbara L., GA, U.S.A

"Knowledgeable, skilled yoga teacher with heart of gold.

Emily is an experienced yogi who easily transitioned into the role of teacher. Emily is a "people person" with a giving heart and creative mind. She listens to the students' needs at the beginning of all classes and from there, creates diverse classes that are appropriate for all levels. Emily's cues are direct and clear and her classes are balanced, therefore students are safe and know how to properly align themselves in their asanas. Emily also offers some of the best hands on adjustments! After taking her class, I leave happy and feeling stronger."

- Sandra B., GA, U.S.A